Our Mission

Training For The Future Of Your Business

Our Mission – Our Values


SHL Training Solutions have a vision to equip and enable people and businesses to perform at their highest potential

This is supported by a mission to solve business challenges by providing the valuable expertise required to train and up-skill employer’s workforces.

We strive to continually provide an appropriate range of learning experiences which challenges and inspires learners and also match learner’s aspirations and potential


Our Core Values

Developed with both staff and learners our core values are:

  • We place LEARNING and supporting students at the heart of everything we do.
  • We celebrate differences and RESPECT individuals
  • We believe we will achieve HIGH STANDARDS
  • We take COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY for achieving our success.
  • We are a place where people ENJOY ACHIEVING together.


Our Goals – Driven By Our Mission




SHL training solutions strive to be an outstanding provider of Work Placed Learning by placing the learning and support at the heart of everything we do


We achieve this through:

  • Providing high quality learning and training opportunities which are among the best in the sector.
  • Total Commitment to improving teaching, learning and Assessment.
  • Continuing to work with colleges to meet their Employer engagement and skills strategies.
  • Working in partnership with new colleges who have the same vision and commitment excellence.
  • Increase the number of Local and National Employers we work with.
  • Providing Employers with the numerous benefits that Apprenticeship training and Commercial Health and Safety training bring to their business. 
  • Broaden the curriculum offering to meet business and skill development requirements at local, regional and national level.
  • Work proactively with partners and stakeholders to support the organisations achievement of key aims and objectives.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to Excellence and Quality improvement at all levels of provision.
  • Increase Success rates.
  • Continuously improve Quality Assurance processes to provide excellent high quality Apprenticeship delivery.
  • Continuously improve commitment and communication with employers.
  • Research other funding steams where we can offer bite sized courses and tasters.
  • To be innovative and responsive in our approach by improving our ability to think creatively about future curriculum development.
  • Respond to Local Market intelligence.
  • Driving up full cost and commercial activity and create a demand led high quality culture that meets employer and work forces development needs.
  • Maintaining financial stability and continually improve financial performance.
  • Deploy staff to manage and deliver education and training effectively, to meet the needs of all learners.
  • Continuing to provide an appropriate range of learning experiences which challenges and inspires learners and also match learner’s aspirations and potential.
  • Continuing to manage appropriate policies and procedures that meet legislative requirements to promote equality, inclusion and diversity.
  • Be responsive to changes in Government policy and Funding changes.
  • Excellent Quality assurance processes and procedures in place for continuously improve the quality of training.
  • Flexible Approach to learning.

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